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Fernando Lopes Herrera

Nationality: Brazillian
Age: 32


Academic Degree: 
Bachelor in Advertising at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. 
Conclusion in 2004

Animation Mentor: 
- Advanced studies in Character animation (Graduated Fall 2008)
Award: Best Dialogue Acting from graduating class 10
Mentors: Paul Allen, Dimos Vrysellas, Mike Walling, Nick Bruno, Kenny Roy, Sean Sexton.

Pixar Masterclass with Andrew Gordon

March 2011


Language Skills

Primary Language: Portuguese (mother language)
Secondary Language: English (fluent)

Professional Skills

Primary: character animation

Secondary: experience as modeler and on basic rigging

Softwares Qualifications:

- Autodesk Maya
- Autodesk 3D Studio Max
- Softimage XSI
- Autodesk Motion builder
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator 
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe After Effects basic



- 3DS Max projects book, by 3D Total. Author of the animation chapter.


Professional Experience:

- Animation Director at Start Anima (feature film)
Start: August 2014  till Present

- Remote character animator at Artifex Studios
Start: January 2015    End: May 2015

- Animation Director at Z-Axis
Start: December 2012  End: July 2014

- Character Animator at Glu Mobile
Start: April 2012      End: November 2012

- Remote Animator at Undead Labs
Animation for State of Decay, Xbox Live Arcade game

Start: June 2012   End: August 2012

- Freelance Animator at Vetor Zero
Start: March 2012   End: April 2012

- Freelance Animator at Glu Mobile
Start: August 2011  End: November 2011

- Remote Character Animator at Reel FX, Ice Age Christmas project
Start: April 2011   End: July 2011

- Lead Animator at Luno Studios

Start: November 2010  End: March 2011

- Animation Supervisor at Pyro Films/Magma cultural

Start: October 2009     End: June 2010

-  Senior animator at Pyro Films/Magma cultural

Start: February 2009    End: October 2009

- Remote animator for Aragorn`s Quest game cinematics -  Modus FX (

July 2009

- Remote animator for european TV show “City of Friends” - BUG/

April 2009 

- Z-Axis (
Modeler and freelance animator.
Description: modeling cartoon characters and  products on 3DS max and doing
animation as a freelancer.

Start: July 2007        End: May 2008

- Creatura 3D (
Description: modeling cartoon characters, doing basic rigging, animating clips for realtime purposes and for commercials, using Maya and Motion Builder

Start: August 2006    End: July 2007

- BOO Events ( 
Creative Assistant
Description: modeling and lighting architecture stills in 3ds max. 

Start: 2002                 End: July 2006